FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Is it cheaper to buy NY broadway tickets through Broad Ticket?
What is preferred seating?
Broadway theater section
Can someone else pick up my ticket order?
How will I receive my E-Tickets?
When will I receive my E-Tickets?
I did not receive my e-tickets. What should I do?
Can I use my student ID to exchange tickets at the box office?
I’ve reserved tickets for several people. How many vouchers are sent to my e-mail?
Where will my exact seats be?
What are my payment choices?
Is it OK if the credit card holder is not the person picking up the tickets?
What if I cannot attend an event that I purchased?
I Want a Refund because of / Medical / Weather / Transportation Delay
Can I change the date/time for the show that I purchased?
What are “taxes and fees”?
When you can't change my seats, will the venue do it for me if I contact them directly?
I’ve registered with a different name/mistyped my name; is it possible to change the name on the voucher?
How do I unsubscribe my e-mail address from your sending list?
How would I purchase tickets for a group?